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“"Thank you so much. I've been searching for these papers for 4 weeks."”
- Diann L., Florida
“"You guys ROCK!!! Seriously I did not think you could do it but you saved me 200 miles of driving to get a copy!"”
- Deanna H., California
“"Yessssss !! That is it. You are good !!! Thank you so much for not giving up !! I'm sorry, I just thought since it was converted over to a Chp7 in 2010, (Chp 13 was in 2009) so that is why I made sure to put 2010 when I filled out your form , so that the Chp 7 would be the information that was sent. Thank you again!"”
- Sandy B., Indiana
“"We got the mortgage! Thanks for all your help!”
- Wendy H., California
“"In less than an hour, I had something I was stressing about finding for over a week. Thank you for helping me get the documents I needed without a big hassle! Very easy, very affordable, very necessary!" ”
- Kelli S., California
“"Thank you. You provide an excellent service. I will keep using your services and have already referred you."”
- Anthony U., Private Investigator, California
“"Absolutely incredible service, thank you so much. "”
- Paul F., Troy, MI
“"Thank you again, I had ordered from another source and never received my records. You saved the day, I can not thank you enough!"”
- Rhonda T., San Diego, CA
“"Truly amazing service!!!!! You just saved me a lot of time today locating in my records!!!!"”
- Kim C., Illinois
“Thanks so much for the prompt service. I will not hesitate referring you in the future.”
- Mark R., Texas
“Hello, the email address I had them sent to belonged to my husband, since he’s forwarding them onto the company handling our home re-finance. Thank you so much for emailing and checking in with me! He confirmed he received them, so we should be able to print them out at home. That’s great customer service to offer that to me though, and I really appreciate it!!”
- Susan N., Texas
“I have already shared your website with my whole team – I sent your website to them and requested they save it to their favorites. Do you know what the title company charges around here $125. I know one member of my team wished they had your information two months ago. So I will be a free salesman for you – I was so impressed that I have talked to other lenders even on the West Coast of the US about how user friendly (which is a big plus to me as you can tell). So I am sure they will all remember to use your services.”
- Debra C., Mortgage Loan Officer
“Thank you so much for the prompt service! We will recommend your service to others!”
- Kathy J., Florida
“Thanks you’re awesome! We are in the process of purchasing our first house since the bankruptcy and the lender didn’t ask for this up front and sprang the request on us with short notice. We have been searching in a panic and finally gave up. I did a quick search online and found your service. I wish we’d known about it sooner, we’d have our day back. Have a great weekend!”
- Curtis G., Washington
“Wow! That was awesome service, by the way! THANK YOU!”
- Julie M., Michigan
“I really appreciate your prompt and excellent service.  Thank you very much.  Have a great day, Ruth”
- Ruth M., Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer, California
“Thank you so much! Pleasure doing business with you, we will hang onto your info for future orders!”
- Jennifer S., Midwest Mortgage Associates, Missouri
“I received your email and thanks very much for providing me my case number. I appreciate it so much and thanks again once more.”
- Christopher J., Delaware
“Just like to thank you for being fast and prompt =) I will surely refer you if I have other friends needing this service! Thanks, Ryan”
- Ryan G., Coldwell Banker, CA
“Thank you so much for your help, awesome customer service!”
- Clay M., Colorado
“This is exactly what I needed.  Thank you very much for getting this to me so quickly.”
- Darrin M., California
“Thank you for being so quick about this, I had to get my client doc’d and signed today and this is the last thing I needed.”
- Gena S., Arizona
“Thanks for the help, it was a godsend as I needed this fast as part of the process of buying a house and settling next week.”
- Leslie S., Maryland
“THANKS Susan J!!!! That’s exactly what we needed !!! Have a great day.”
- Bill S., New York
“Well you are too kind, thank you I am just glad this is almost over…YAY….have a great day.”
- Heidi S., California
“Susan, Thank you for your time and efforts. I received the discharge pdf and printed it last evening. I Will be taking it to the bank shortly. Great work locating the archived documents. Again, thank you very much.”
- Jim G., California
“Thank you very much for the terrific service!!”
- Michael K., New York
“Hi Susan, Thank you so much for all your help. Really appreciated.”
- Punita A., Virginia
“Thank you so much Susan for this information. It will be a definite help in the matter I have been dealing with. I have been harassed by a debtor, which I believe to be a scam that I owe on a debt that I was sure was discharged in bankruptcy. It is listed on the paperwork so I know I have something to use for leverage should they continue to harass me.”
- Paula W., Pennsylvania
“Thanks. Thanks also for the refund. I accidentally submitted it twice. We appreciate your help.”
- Lisa C., South Carolina
“Hi Susan,Thank you so much!  I had looked in the Spam folder, but I guess I scanned it too quick for my old eyes.  Thanks again!”
- Claudia P., Texas
“The response time was amazing. Well worth the $, rather than hours trying to find out where to go.  Thanks”
- Janet J., Nevada
“Good Morning Just opened your email this morning, thanks for your prompt response! Thanks”
- Michquel P., Texas
“Thank you Jake. Those documents are what I needed. As you can see in the documents it states fully administered, discharged and case closed. You have been of great help[...] Best regards”
- Julian R., Florida
“Hello, again. I’d love to use your service[...] Thank you again”
- Carrie G., Florida
- Faith Ann N., New York
“Thank you…that worked. I got it..I don’t know what happened. Thanks for resending it, I saw it on my phone went to open it and it disappeared.  I checked on my computer and on…that was strange. Thanks again.”
- Bill L., New Jersey
“Thank you…you are a life saver and well worth the money!”
- Carol P., California
“Thank you so much for your prompt service. I was able to open this without any issues.”
- Crissa B., Michigan
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